NBC Got Weinstein Scoop First, What They Did Next Is UNFORGIVABLE

Earlier this week, Hollywood mega producer Harvey Weinstein got hit with multiple sexual assault allegations — then the New Yorker published an EXTREMELY chilling video that all but confirmed Weinstein’s guilt.

Weinstein’s transgressions became even more scandalous when his ties to several high profile democrats were revealed. At one point, he even hosted a birthday party for Hillary Clinton.

But that might not be the most fascinating part of the story. According to CNNNBC had the Weinstein scoop months ago… and they did NOTHING.

NBC contributor Ronan Farrow was relentlessly pursuing leads when NBC told him bury the story.

“Ronan was basically told to stop working on this,” an anonymous source told CNN.

It’s easy to see why the liberal network — who runs MSNBC — wanted the news item to go away. As we’ve seen, the revelation has been a PR disaster for Democrats.

But you can’t hide a liberal’s hypocricy forever. Like with Bill Clinton, the truth will eventually come out… even without help from the mainstream media.

Do you think NBC buried the story to help Democrats? Comment and SHARE so everyone sees how the mainstream media operates.

These instances of CONFIRMED bias must be publicized.

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